2015: Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Using Crisis Scenarios

High Performance Development Ltd is a dynamic training and development company that combines the leadership and team development lessons learnt from the sporting arena, military operations and the business world to help individuals, teams and organisations raise their performance through enjoyable and relevant training. They came to 3SFire because they were looking for a challenging leadership and teamworking exercise to draw out the key learning points that had been covered in the classroom. It needed to be a memorable experience that put people outside their comfort zones.

3SFire developed an ‘as real’ crisis scenario for groups of up to 40 individuals from a graduate intake programme, taking them through a high-pressure, time critical rescue in wet and dangerous conditions in a confined space, using the facility used by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service to train and maintain competence in its firefighters. The session was delivered by several firefighters at crew manager level and above with many years training experience.
Ruri Chisholm, Director of High Performance Development, said: “We had a brilliant session – everyone at 3SFire is friendly, enthusiastic, helpful and great at reacting to our requests, constantly looking at how they can continually improve their offering.”
High Performance has now tasked 3SFire to further develop the offering to include leadership courses for management level and above.

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