Fire Engineering

Fire Engineering is the application of scientific and engineering principles, and expert judgment, based on an understanding of the effects of fire and of the reaction and behaviour of people to fire, to protect people, property and the environment from the effects of fire.

Fire Engineering can have a positive impact on the design/construction/occupation elements of a project. It allows for flexibility in designs which supports the creativity of the architect’s vision. Financial benefits can be achieved from Fire Engineering due to internal design alterations, which can result in removal of staircases, extended travel distances, larger compartment geometries and alternative ventilation options, which all result in more floor space for the client to rent /sell. Fire Engineering in most projects provides a building which is a higher standard of fire safety than standard code compliant designs.

Standard fire safety

Standard fire safety designs use prescriptive guidance to satisfy the functional requirements of the Building Regulations and the Fire Safety Order.

Performance based Fire Engineering

All of our engineers are highly experienced in all aspects of building design in regards to fire safety along with being registered with the Institution of Fire Engineers [IFE] and the Engineering Council. Our engineers aim to support the client through the Building Regulation processes with the primary focus being the client’s needs and vision, along with a safe and sustainable building for the future. Our engineers have a consideration for costs, time scales and efficiency.

This 3SFire service is used predominantly by developers, building contractors, architects, building control bodies and building managers.

3SFire offers a unique set of expert and professional solutions to manage fire and risk in today’s world. It does this by having access to the best people and highest quality of resources available... because safety is your concern and our business. Get In Touch