Fire Risk Assessments

3SFire CIC risk assessments are carried out by qualified and competent fire risk assessors, based on best practice principals and offers customers a high quality, flexible, tailored approach to meet their needs. The fire risk assessors often also work for the Fire and Rescue Service so can give accurate, relevant advice in a way that regulators like to see information.

3SFire CIC have developed a model for delivering a quality managed fire risk assessment process to a portfolio of buildings to ensure that the highest risk building have the highest priority, and that the actions out of the risk assessment are managed.  This model can recreated for any portfolio of property.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fire Risk Assessments

A regular and up-to-date Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) is crucial for any organisation or event, whatever the size or sector.

If you’d like to understand a little more about FRAs, here is some expert guidance from the 3SFire team:


What is a Fire Risk Assessment and what’s involved?

A Fire Risk Assessment is an evaluation of a premises to assess the potential hazards and risks that may cause a fire. It is a process that looks at how likely a fire is and what the consequences might be if one was to start. An FRA involves recommendations and steps to address, remove or reduce the potential fire risks.


Do I need a Fire Risk Assessment?

The Regulator requires that a Fire Risk Assessment is carried out on all commercial premises and also on the communal areas of residential premises. If you’re unsure, get in touch with 3SFire for some helpful advice.


Who can carry out a Fire Risk Assessment?

If you are the designated responsible person in your organisation you must ensure an FRA is carried out and regularly reviewed in order to stay safe and compliant. If you’re an organisation with more than five employees you must also ensure a written record is kept of your Fire Risk Assessments.


If you don’t feel confident to do the fire risk assessment yourself or simply do not have the time, then you can assign a ‘competent person’ to undertake the assessment. This is a good idea for larger premises where the risks may be greater or more complex.


Whatever the size and scale of your business, you can call on 3SFire CIC to carry out your FRA, we’ve carried numerous fire risk assessments at a wide variety of locations. Our fire risk assessors often also work for the Fire and Rescue Service so can give accurate, relevant advice in a way that regulators like to see information.


How often is a Fire Risk Assessment needed?

Standard best practice is to review your Fire Risk Assessment on an annual basis. However, you’ve made any major changes to the building or to operations recently that could impact fire safety and prevention, it’s a good idea to get a new Fire Risk Assessment done.


Here to help

You’ll find full guidelines on the Government website. If you have further questions about Fire Risk Assessments or would like more advice, 3SFire CIC is here to help. We provide expert knowledge, skill and resource to all businesses requiring specialist advice or training in any area of safety and risk management.

3SFire offers a unique set of expert and professional solutions to manage fire and risk in today’s world. It does this by having access to the best people and highest quality of resources available... because safety is your concern and our business. Get In Touch