Fire Risk Assessments

3SFire risk assessments are carried out by qualified and competent fire risk assessors, based on best practice principals and offers customers a high quality, flexible, tailored approach to meet their needs. The fire risk assessors often also work for the Fire and Rescue Service so can give accurate, relevant advice in a way that regulators like to see information.

3SFire have developed a model for delivering a quality managed fire risk assessment process to a portfolio of buildings to ensure that the highest risk building have the highest priority, and that the actions out of the risk assessment are managed.  This model can recreated for any portfolio of property.

We manage our Fire Risk Assessments on a web based platform linked to our health & safety management system, allowing you monitor and manage the assessments and actions, providing you with total accessibility and comfort knowing that your fire safety is being managed.

3SFire offers a unique set of expert and professional solutions to manage fire and risk in today’s world. It does this by having access to the best people and highest quality of resources available... because safety is your concern and our business. Get In Touch