2015: London Fire Brigade Trained in Large Animal Rescue

3SFire sent its top animal rescue trainers to work with London Fire Brigade. The course took place at a variety of locations in and around the capital and 12 firefighters learnt a number of techniques designed to protect both the public and animals in a rescue situation.

3SFire has access to the best trainers in the field; they have an international reputation and have delivered course to trauma vets here and abroad. Large animal rescue is extremely hazardous and it carries the added danger of attracting rescue attempt by the public who lack the skills and equipment necessary which means that they often exacerbate an already dangerous situation.

Sarah Adamson, Head of Operations, 3SFire said: “What was amazing was that several of these London-based firefighters had absolutely no experience of dealing with animals, not even cats or dogs, let alone pigs and horses. Yet by the end of the course they were confident and able to cope with most situations that would require a rescue.”

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