2017: Health Check for your Business…

You might have made a few resolutions for your own health this year, but what about the health and safety of your business? The New Year is a great time to prioritise these issues and ensure your organisation is fully compliant. Here are a few New Year’s resolutions you might like to consider:

Check your Fire Risk Assessment

Whatever your sector, from retail to residential care, a recent Fire Risk Assessment is always advisable. When did your premises last undergo an assessment?  It might be time to carry out a new one, standard best practice is to review your Fire Risk Assessment on an annual basis. If you’ve made any major changes to the building or to operations recently that could impact fire safety and prevention, it’s a good idea to get a new Fire Risk Assessment done.

Here at 3SFire we have a team of qualified and competent assessors who can help you with your Fire Risk Assessment needs, no matter how complex.

Refresh your Fire Warden Training

Who are the fire wardens at your organisation and do you have enough trained members of staff if there was to be an emergency? Think carefully and if you feel you need further fire warden training to keep your organisation safe, 3SFire can assist with the best and latest safety training.  After all, who could be better train your team than experts with real ‘front line’ emergency experience?

Did you know we also offer Enhanced Fire Warden Training too?

Consider your Policies and Procedures

Are your company’s policies and procedures up-to-date and fit for purpose? Consider how confident you are that all the fire risks to both your staff and your business have been properly identified. This is especially important for larger scale businesses with high numbers of staff. To ensure every potential pitfall has been addressed, you might want to consider Fire Management Consultancy from 3SFire. This is where our expert team look at ways to mitigate potential risks and assess how quickly you could get your business up and running should the worst happen.

Prioritise Safety at your Events

Putting on a big event? We know there’s a lot to think about but make sure you’ve thoroughly assessed the safety risks, especially when it comes to fire. This applies not just during the event’s opening times but also during build-up and breakdown.

Whether you need a comprehensive risk assessment or onsite fire cover, you can trust the experienced team from 3SFire with your event’s safety.

Here to Help

If you’d like some guidance on putting any of these resolutions into practice this year, 3SFire is here to help. We provide expert knowledge, skill and resource to all businesses requiring specialist advice or training in any area of safety and risk management.

3SFire offers a unique set of expert and professional solutions to manage fire and risk in today’s world. It does this by having access to the best people and highest quality of resources available... because safety is your concern and our business. Get In Touch