Operational Support

3SFire CIC offers all levels of operational support to match the varied needs and requirements of our clients. We are currently working with several organisations to ensure the smooth running and safety of those attending their events and festivals.

Our experienced team will risk assess events from a fire perspective. We also provide on-site fire cover during events and their build-up and breakdown.

Farnborough International Air Show

3SFire CIC have been the providers of event fire safety at the previous three International Airshows held at Farnborough.

Planning An Event

We understand how stressful event planning can be. It’s a huge effort, with so many elements that each require careful planning. Health and safety is of course one key area that you can’t afford to ignore, so it’s worth dedicating a chunk of your planning time to this and consulting the experts. When it comes to fire safety, whether you’re organising a festival or an air show, 3SFire CIC can really help take the hassle out ensuring your event is covered.

Having provided event safety for important events such as The Farnborough International Air Show, we’ve got plenty of expertise. If you’re not sure where to start with fire safety planning and cover for your next event, why not get in touch with us at info@3sfire.co.uk? In the meantime, here are four fire safety considerations to think about before you put on an event.

Assess the Risks

A recent Fire Risk Assessment is must for your event. Standard best practice is to review your Fire Risk Assessment on an annual basis, so make sure your chosen event venue is up to scratch. It’s important that all potential risks are identified and managed. Here at 3SFire, our experienced team are trained to risk assess events from a fire perspective.

Consider On-Site Cover

For events with a lot of attendees and multiple potential fire risks, on-site fire cover may be necessary. On-site fire cover can give you complete peace of mind, particularly when there are varied needs and a wide range of risks. It’s not just during the event, you also need to consider the risks to event staff and contractors during build-up and breakdown too. 3SFire CIC has a great deal of expertise when it comes to events and fire safety and we’re always happy to discuss individual needs.

Fire Appliance Provision

For large scale events, 3SFire CIC can provide essential fire appliances as part of our service. These appliances could prove vital in the event of a fire at your event. This is a service we provide for major events such as the Farnborough International Air Show, where there are number of potential risks to mitigate, both in the air and on the ground.

Who are your Fire Wardens?

For smaller scale, low risk events, along with a recent Fire Risk Assessment, you may also want to consider refreshing your fire warden training or even upgrading to enhanced fire warden training.   The level of fire risk in your business will dictate how many fire marshals you should have.  There is no legal definition of low, normal or high risk with regards to fire safety as it depends on many factors.  If you feel unqualified to determine the risk level of your premises, or uncomfortable doing so, then check your Fire Risk Assessment, as it should have classified your premises for you.

Every organisation or event needs trained staff who know how to proceed should there be an emergency. Even if your event is relatively small, think carefully and if you feel you need further fire warden training, 3SFire CIC can assist with the best and latest safety training.  After all, who could be better train your team than experts with real ‘front line’ emergency experience?

Safer Events with 3SFire

We recognise that every event is different, with varying degrees of risks to consider. That’s why we recommend calling in experts to ensure your safety requirements are fully understood and met. At 3SFire CIC, our experienced team are dedicated to ensuring your event runs smoothly and safely. So, if you’ve got an event in the pipeline, cross one thing off your to-do list and let us handle the safety side.

3SFire offers a unique set of expert and professional solutions to manage fire and risk in today’s world. It does this by having access to the best people and highest quality of resources available... because safety is your concern and our business. Get In Touch