Specialist Training – Confined Space Training

We have supplied training to a range of clients whose property includes confined spaces such as commercial and freight shipping lines and energy providers.

Our trainers all have a background in the UK’s fire and rescue service and were the first to develop and use Airline Rescue and have been using this since 2008.

We offer confined space awareness courses or bespoke training at your site or area of risk.

There are a variety of specialist rescue tools available to undergo the most difficult of casualty entrapments in confined spaces, these include battery operated hydraulic rescue tools, reciprocating saws and hot cutting equipment.

Our bespoke training packages can be created from any of the following elements:

Category 1 – Low risk, e.g., Shoring/Breeching and breaking inside a collapsed structure
Category 2 – Medium risk, e.g., Trench Rescue
Category 3 – High risk (simple entry)
Category 4 – High risk (complex entry), eg, LACE/ TRS equipment used

We also offer specialist communications training detailing how to create and maintain vital communication links with those effecting a rescue.

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