2015: Wiltshire’s Firefighters Learn New Skills & Rescue Techniques

3SFire ran a trench rescue course for ten firefighters from Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service arrived at Hampshire Fire and Rescue’s headquarters in Eastleigh to learn about the use of specialist Partech equipment. The course covered shoring and stabilising structures, the lifting and securing of heavy objects and all aspects of dealing with a rescue mission in difficult and enclosed spaces.

Trainer Phil Crook of 3SFire said: “Wiltshire has a vehicle that is kitted out with the very latest in paratech equipment but they needed to know how to use it. I was able to use my USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) training and experience in using the equipment to devise a fully comprehensive course that would give these firefighters both the skills and the confidence to effectively employ the kit in the rescue of persons if they were trapped under a collapsed structure.”

Course participants were full of praise for the course, saying that they had learnt a lot and felt able to take their learnings back to Wiltshire to share with colleagues.

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